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The official title of the motor vehicle company Audi is actually Audi AG. Audi is one of the largest German automobile manufacturers; comprising the "Big Three" alongside Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Currently, Audi markets vehicles across the globe and is well-known for its logo of four intersecting rings. In actuality, these rings represent the four different companies that had formed a conglomerate to become Audi as far back as the early part of the 20th century.

As with many German car manufactures, the Second World War served to veritably halt Audi's production line in favour of wartime armament purposes. It was not until the partitioning of Germany that Audi once again was seen to reemerge from the detritus of the past.

In modern times, Audi has sought to re-brand its image from a company that produces passenger cars to a company that is heavily involved in the racing industry. In fact, Audi has participated in the famous Le Mans race since 1999; manufacturing some of the most well-known sports cars that continue well into the 21st century. This has helped to solidify the role of Audi in the production of high-end racing and luxury vehicles.

Additionally, this strategy has also allowed Audi cars to become quite popular within the massive North American marketplace. Due to successful marketing campaigns, younger generations of drivers now consider Audi to be one of the most popular choices for sports cars. With its role within the "Big Three" solidified, it is expected that Audi will continue to be a formidable manufacturer within the European and American markets.
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