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The Audi A5 is a coupe-model vehicle that has been manufactured by the German designer Audi since the first half of 2007. As the name may hint, the A5 is part of a larger line of Audi middle-sized vehicles. In fact, the A5 is a more stylised version of the Audi A4; a particular emphasis placed upon a more "sporty" appearance. This can be seen in a modified rear window and an exterior design that is more streamlined than the preceding generations of A4.

The main design was conceived by Walter de Silva (a well-known vehicle designer) and the A5 was touted as being one of the most well-rounded cars manufactured by Audi. Its performance was found to be of particular merit; a strong and efficient engine supported by an all-wheel drive system that allows for safe handling over a variety of road conditions. Such positive praise has allowed the A5 to be quite popular with automobile aficionados as well as average families that desire a safe all-around vehicle.

Many of the latest innovations of the A5 directly reflect the desire of Audi to provide drivers with constantly improving amenities. Since 2011, the A5 has offered different headlamp designs, a more durable suspension, larger wheels and even a paint finish that gives drivers a choice of incorporating a "crystalline" effect. Additionally, it is said that Audi is planning to unveil an advanced navigational system that will be standard with all models in the near future. These are some of the advancements that are seen as quite attractive features on the present models of the A5.
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