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Made by BMW since 2009, the X1 is a compact SUV that is designed to compete at the luxury end of the market. Originally, the German car maker began production of this vehicle from their Leipzig production plant, but this has since been followed by factories in Chennai, Kaliningrad and Shenyang that are now making it. The X1 shares a similar history to its sister car, the X3, and both were developed from the popular 3 series range of cars.

In America and Canada, the X1 is the smallest SUV offering that BMW have in their range. The X1 is also unique amongst BMW's SUVs in so far that it is offered to the market with a rear wheel drive only option, as opposed to the much more common four wheel version. The X1 offers plenty of space despite its relatively small stature. It possesses a 420 litre boot volume. This, it should be noted, can be increased to 1,350 litres of storage room if the seats are folded down. The X1 boasts adaptive cruise control and a high drive position which can be adjusted to what BMW call the semi-command position.

In terms of safety, the X1 offers several intelligent driver-assist systems. These are designed to kick in should a potentially dangerous situation occur. The X1 affords finely tuned suspension for a smooth ride and brakes that help the driver to overcome any potential hazard by allowing for precise control. At night, the rear view mirror even adjusts itself automatically to prevent glare in the driver’s eyes.
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