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The Chrysler 300 is a full-size luxury sedan that was first introduced at the 2003 New York Auto Show. The 300 was subsequently released to the public during the first few months of 2004. Notwithstanding the standard 300 version, a variety known as the SRT-8 is considered to be a model that offers a high performance alternative. Due to this quality, the Chrysler 300 has been featured in many films and is a popular car amongst singers and actors. The 300 gained further fame when it was introduced to the European marketplace in 2011 although it was billed as the Lancia Thema. The Chrysler 300 is also sold in both the United Kingdom and South Korea.

Presently, the 300 is in its second generation of development and since 2011, a number of enhancements have been made to its design. The body was slightly modified while xenon headlamps now offer a crisper field of vision for driving in the evening and during inclement weather. The windscreen has been angled lower in later models and this is said to help further improve visibility. Interior upgrades include a redesigned instrument panel while side airbags are now incorporated as a standard feature.

Due to the fact that the Chrysler 300 is only in its second stage of development, this luxury vehicle is expected to remain quite popular in both the United States and abroad. A number of variants have also been released recently; the Motown Edition and the 300 Glacier being two of the most prominent.
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