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The 300C is considered to be the high-end version of the popular line of 300-series cars manufactured by Chrysler Motors. The 300C shares many of the external characteristics as the other models in this class; the most predominant being a standard four-door sedan configuration, flowing lines, a large windscreen and robust handling capabilities. The main difference in regards to the 300C lies within its engine, top speeds and fuel efficiency.

First and foremost, the 300C employs the impressive power of a Hemi V8 engine. This allows for extremely high speeds and the engine has incorporated into its design a concept known as the Multi Displacement System (MDS). In essence, the engine can "choose" when to only run on four cylinders (in city traffic, for example). This allows for a much greater fuel efficiency while not sacrificing any of the power that the Hemi V8 is famous for. The inclusion of no less than two spark plugs per cylinder further enables the engine to efficiently burn petrol.

While the engine power is indeed considerable, the 300C also offers the driver a number of interior "creature comforts" that add to its luxury appeal. Heated seats, a standard GPS navigation system and a roomy interior have enabled this variant to become extremely popular for those who enjoy top-end models and the amenities that they are associated with. As the entire 300-series is still relatively new to the Chrysler line of vehicles (having only been introduced in 2005), the 300C should remain one of the most popular luxury sedans on the international market.
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