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Citroën was the first European car company to rival those in the US for mass-production. Founded in 1919, Citroën have been responsible for one or two of the world's most iconic and unique vehicles.

Two, to be exact.

The Deux Chevaux, or 2CV as it is more usually known, was originally designed to move France out of the era of actual horse power and into the era of motorized horse power. Produced between 1948 and 1990, it became a favourite among people who appreciated the quirky over the powerful. That's not to say it wasn't innovative though; the original incarnation sported the detachable full-length 'sunroof', and a heater, not standard on UK cars until the 1960s.

Then came the Citroën DX. Resembling a small boat on wheels, the DS must be regarded as one of the most aesthetically beautiful vehicles ever produced. Premiered at the 1955 Paris motor show, it received 12,000 orders on the first day. Those lucky enough to ride in a DS likened the hydraulic suspension to being on a magic carpet.

These days Citroën have abandoned their quirky designs in favour of more practical considerations. They still remain immensely popular however, among both consumers and reviewers. The famous double-chevron logo is now seen as a badge of reliability, while still catering to a wide audience.
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