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The V240 is a compact-sized pickup truck currently marketed by Great Wall. This Chinese manufacturer has been producing the V240 since 2006 and this model is the first Chinese pickup truck to have been marketed and sold to domestic Australian customers. It is known as the V240 in Australasia while it is sold as the "Steed" in the European marketplace. One interesting piece of information in regards to the V240 is that many motoring analysts see its design as closely resembling both the Isuzu D-Max and the Volkswagen Magellan. The V240 is also known by the colloquial name "Wingle" in many parts of the world.

The Australian model is seen to be rather spartan in design; there is no "luxury" or "limited" edition. Rather, the V240 comes equipped standard with a CD radio, alloy wheels, leather seats and air conditioning. Furthermore, there is the choice of purchasing a two-door crew cab or a four-door pickup truck model. These two variants will increase the market base of the V240, as the four-door model has proven popular with suburban families.

Engine capacity can vary between a 2.0-litre model and a 2.8-litre diesel model. Both diesel and petrol fuel are available for the V240. As with many of the vehicles currently produced by Great Wall, the V240 is seen to be yet another foray into the foreign markets. Many analysts feel that the V-Series may be a prelude to another generation of Chinese-manufactured pickup trucks that are destined to be introduced into the American marketplace.
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