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If the ten-spoke, 17-inch wheels, solid chrome cross bar and leather-wrapped steering wheel are not enough to sell you on the Holden Berlina, then maybe the touch screen infotainment system known as Holden iQ will be the decider. With an automatic zoom feature, the screen controls USB, iPod and Bluetooth facilities, as well as an optional satellite navigation system that includes school-zone, red-light camera and speed alerts. There is also enough room in the cabin to accommodate five adults in complete comfort.

With seats that offer terrific support on those long drives, the Holden Berlina also provides the option of a really large open area if the rear seats are folded down. It’s great for allowing kids some playroom, or for providing a sleeping area when the long road works its hypnotic and very welcome magic. With a suspension that favours comfort, the danger of bumps in the road waking them before parents have had a well-earned breather is minimal. Fuel-wise, the Berlina is also easier on the wallet if the flex-fuel compatible engine can be fully utilised.

Holden’s attempt to be more environmentally friendly resulted in the Berlina’s 3.0-litre V6 engine being adapted to run on an optional ethanol blended fuel, which can cost around 20 cents a litre less than unleaded petrol. Though availability of this fuel is limited the call for less reliance on fossil fuels may speed up its production in the future. Even without this benefit the Holden Berlina is a sound investment.
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