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The Holden Calais is actually a version of the more well-known (and the only current model produced by Holden) Commodore. While the Commodore has been in production for a considerable amount of time, Holden began branding this model the Calais actually as early as 1984. Although the Commodore model is quite known in Australia, the Calais name is widely recognised throughout Asia and select parts of Europe. Still, it should be pointed out that Holden is a brand that is quite specific to Australia and New Zealand alone.

One of the characteristics that have allowed the Calais to be considered a luxury car is the sheer amount of 21st century designs and innovations that the modern version embraces. For example, computerised systems such as a keyless entry interface, a remote start function, iPod integration and voice control will all come standard. LED-powered running lights and directional headlamps are seen to enhance driving safety. The 3.6 litre engine is highly fuel efficient and allows for excellent mileage. A rear-view camera has also been included in the later models.

These features have been seen as an attempt by Holden to enter into a more robust demographic; particularly to appeal to those who wish to purchase a quality car at relatively affordable prices. Nonetheless, the Calais is still relatively unknown outside of Holden's traditional Australasian marketplace. It is thought that these aforementioned features will continue to allow the Commodore (and therefore the newly-branded Calais) to remain quite popular throughout this region and into the foreseeable future.
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