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The new Holden Colorado pickup is a tough looking vehicle that really rises to the challenge when it is required to work hard. Motorists are really spoilt for choice with this model as it comes with around 26 variants including the choice of three-seat single cab, the new crew cab that provides perfect car-like comfort and the space cab, which features rear access doors as well as two jump seats.

Colorado owners can further personalise their vehicle with around forty individual accessories, while four special accessory packs are also available from Holden dealers. This means that discerning motorists can make sure that their Colorado really stands out from the crowd and be a vehicle that they will drive with pride.

Even without the modifications, the Colorado is an extremely stylish vehicle, both inside and out. The vehicle’s LED tail lights and projector headlamps are state of the art, while the interior is fitted with an attractive interior trim and comfortable seats that are ideal for long journeys.

The 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine generates an impressive 132 kW of power with the maximum of 470 Nm of torque, while towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes, which really puts the Holden Colorado at the top of its class. Fuel consumption is just 7.8 litres for every 100 kilometres, which makes this model surprisingly economical.

In addition to providing a smooth driving experience, the Holden Colorado is equipped with safety features such as Electronic Stability Control. This is certainly when vehicle that motorists can drive with confidence.
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