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The Crewman is a version of the famous Commodore line of vehicles that have been produced by Holden since 1978. This Australian car manufacturer is not as known as other brands and this is primarily due to the fact that its main target demographic tends to be Australasia; specifically Australia and New Zealand.

Originally designed as a four-door sedan, it was not long before Holden realised that a further diversification in their Commodore line of vehicles would allow them to compete with foreign automakers such as Toyota and Honda. Thus, different variants of the Commodore were introduced to the public beginning in 1990. These included both the Adenta crossover and the Crewman.

The Crewman is designed as a four-door utility vehicle; its ample interior room adding to its popularity amongst families that required a robust vehicle that was adapted to urban and suburban travel. Still, there was seen to be considerable competition from other automakers such as Ford; specifically in the Ford Falcon which was said to espouse many similar characteristics as the Crewman and the Commodore series as a whole.

Nonetheless, the versatility of the Crewman still proves to be quite popular within many parts of Australasia, for it can double as both a medium-weight pickup truck as will as a family transport vehicle. Due to the fact that General Motors is the international parent company of Holden into the present, it is clear that a portion of the popularity of the Crewman had arisen from the marketing exposure that was enjoyed through General Motors.
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