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As with many models designed by the automaker Holden, the Statesman was particularly marketed within the Australian and New Zealand populations. The Statesman was initially released to the public in 1990 and has been cancelled since 2010. While the Statesman itself only saw a lifespan of twenty years, it displayed many of the characteristics that had allowed Holden vehicles to become well known throughout Australia; namely long wheelbases and rear-wheel drive. Additionally, there are many other similarities between the Statesman and another Holden model known as the Caprice. The primary difference between these two models is the fact that the Caprice utilises the power of a V8 engine while the Statesman employed a V6.

One notable aspect in regards to the Statesman is that while it was specifically marketed under Holden beginning in 1990, its origins can be traced back to 1974 when the first models were branded completely without the Holden name whatsoever. Subsequently, these "anonymous" models were marketed through General Motors throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The first generation of the Statesman was seen to reflect many of the contemporary design features that were characteristic of the vehicles produced by General Motors; illustrating the amount of control that this parent company has over Holden. The latter generations are interpreted as luxury sedans while their primary competition is thought to be the Ford Fairlane and the Ford LTD. As these models have now been discontinued, it is expected that the Statesman (now the Caprice model) will do quite well.
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