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Honda’s ever popular CR-V is a compact sport utility vehicle that has been steadily rolling off production lines since 1995. The car has four doors and is sold in a wide range of markets around the globe, including the UK. There have been four generations of the CR-V since it was originally conceived and Honda have announced new, smaller engine variants for the UK market in 2014, in the hope that this will appeal to a greener car buyer.

The fourth generation of the CR-V was introduced in 2012. One of the chief reasons for the car’s ongoing success has been its capacity for storage. The CR-V boasts a 589 litre boot and there is a larger floor area than many cars in its class. There is even more storage room to be found under a retractable load cover. The tailgate has been designed to be wider than most and it opens lower, as well. Like other Honda cars, the CR-V has a clever seating set-up which allows you to fold and remove seats in various configurations. In addition, all CR-V models are now fitted with a backup camera which is designed to make reversing easier, particularly when negotiating car parking spaces.

Since the Japanese car maker launched the first CR-V, more than five million have been sold. It has been constructed across nine different plants and sold in as many as 150 different countries. Many suggest that the car’s increased headroom, boot space and sheer comfort in the back mean that it will continue to be sold in large numbers for years to come.
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