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The GTS is an extremely high-performance model of vehicles produced by the Australian automaker Holden Special Vehicles. It was first introduced in 1992 and has remained a popular choice in the line of Commodore vehicles that HSV has become famous for. Amongst other things, the GTS is known for its continual advancement in engine design; the latest models offering drivers the considerably powerful supercharged 6.2-litre GEN 5 Chevrolet engine. In fact, the E-Series of GTS cars are able to accelerate from zero to sixty-two miles per hour in only 5.5 seconds.

Due to this emphasis on performance, a great deal of innovation has gone into allowing the GTS to be safely handled. All models are known for their robust suspension systems and some of the most recent upgrades employ a magnetic dampening system that allows for an ever greater control over the vehicle's responses during a racing environment.

Since its inception in 1992, a number of variants have been produced which include: a)The VP GTS. b)The VR GTS. c)The VS GTS. d)The VT GTS. e)The VX GTS. f)The VY GTS

Due to the fact that the GTS is manufactured for the rather niche market of Holden Special Vehicles, some of these models were produced in notably small numbers. For example, the VY GTS was considered a special order and less than one hundred were ever completed. Nonetheless, the GTS line of high-performance vehicles is quite popular within racing enthusiast groups.

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