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The Maloo is what is known as a coupe utility vehicle; that is, the Maloo has characteristics of both a passenger car and a vehicle that can transport goods from place to place. This variant is currently marketed by HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) and it has been present on the Australian market since 1990. From an outward point of view, the Maloo boasts many of the same characteristics as the mass-produced Holden Ute. The primary difference lies in its engine capacity and the speeds which can be attained.

Interestingly enough, the name "Maloo" is a derivative of the Aboriginal word for "thunder".

A number of different models of the Maloo were introduced to the domestic Australian market in the past twenty-three years. Variants included the VP, VR, VS, Series-2 and the Z-Series (the most recent). All models offered drivers substantial upgrades such as climate control, better handling, higher top speeds and more refined exterior designs.

This continual improvement has allowed the Maloo to remain quite popular amongst driving enthusiasts. Still, it should be noted that due to the fact that this car is manufactured under the HSV name, there are generally a lower number manufactured each year in comparison to Holden's mass production of its commercially popular models.

Recently, the Maloo was given another facelift; a dual exhaust system, alloy wheels and a new colour palette to choose from are a few of the new options available. It is expected that the Maloo will continue to be a popular vehicle in the niche market of HSV designs.
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