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As the title of this vehicle denotes, the i20 is of a smaller size than the Hyundai i30. Therefore, the i20 is what is known as an ultra-compact (or super-mini) vehicle. Production of this model began in 2008 and the i20 was seen to have replaced the Hyundai Getz, although the Getz was not fully removed from production until 2011. While popular in Europe and most of Asia, the i20 is not currently marketed to North America. This is due to what is seen as too much competition from the Hyundai Accent; a very similar model.

The i20 is seen to be one of the first steps by Hyundai to enter into the mini-car market that has become so popular throughout most of Europe and the United Kingdom. Thus, the chassis and the design are quite unique and do not reflect any of the external features of this company's previous models.

Other features that are worth mentioning are the next-generation engines that the i20 offers and the massive amount of safety measures. Fuel efficiency has been stressed and all engines since 2012 will allow excellent money-saving features. Also, the i20 is rated as one of the safest vehicles currently on the road today; no less than six airbags offered as standard amenities. Newer features such as windshield wipers which sense the rain and headlamps that automatically activate during the evening have allowed the i20 to become quite popular for newer generations of drivers. It is expected that the i20 will remain in production for some time to come.
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