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The i30 is a rather new vehicle model manufactured by Hyundai and this Korean automaker has allowed this compact car to remain in production since its inception in 2007. One of the hallmarks of its design is that there are numerous different options available to the consumer. For example, a three-door, a five-door or an "estate" model are all available. Drivers will also have the choice of a manual or an automatic transmission. Both petrol and diesel engines can also be provided; depending on the tastes of the driver and the intended use of the vehicle.

Due to the fact that the i30 has only been in production since 2007, there are currently a mere two generations of vehicles available; the most recent having been released in 2012. Both generations were designed with a number of safety enhancements in mind including numerous airbags, a sturdy chassis and a "crumple zone" intended to minimise the kinetic force of an impact. All models are considered to be quite efficient in terms of both diesel and petrol combustion. This has allowed the i30 to be popular with families.

The reception to the i30 in the auto world was rather impressive and this design won several awards including the Best Family Car and the Best Family Hatch (in reference to its hatchback feature). As the i30 is still considered to be rather new on the market and future designs are said to incorporate hybrid technology, this car is expected to be around for some time to come.
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