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Known in the western world as the Hyundai Sonata, this vehicle is marketed as the i45 in the Australasian marketplace. The i45 was mainly developed as a response to the increasing demand for middle-sized automobiles in both Europe and the United States. Needing to keep up with economy cars such as those manufactured by Honda and Toyota, Hyundai introduced the Sonata (the i45 in certain regions) to the global market in 1985. Therefore, the i45 can be seen as one of the longest-running models that has been produced by Hyundai. In fact, the i45 is now in its sixth generation of design and many analysts feel that due to the rather ubiquitous nature of this vehicle (and its widely recognised branding), the i45 will continue to enjoy a substantial market presence into the future.

The layout of the i45 is rather simple and straightforward; its four-door style and front-wheel drive reflecting the need for both utility and stability. These aspects have allowed the i45 to be popular amongst families. With continual technological development, the i45 has likewise advanced considerably into the 21st century. Such amenities as multiple airbags, anti-lock brakes and excellent front- and side-barrier test ratings have allowed the i45 to maintain quite a strong presence in the suburban marketplace.

The sixth generation also includes a number of hybrid models due to the fact that Hyundai recognises the need for better fuel efficiency alongside environmentally friendly vehicles. The i45 is expected to remain quite popular in numerous marketplaces into the foreseeable future.
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