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The Hyundai ix35 is the European variant of the brand known as the Huyndai Tuscon in the United States and the model dubbed the "JM" in Japan. The ix35 is what is known as a crossover vehicle; that is, it contains characteristics of both a compact car and a traditional sport utility vehicle (SUV). The primary reason for the name change is that as the Tuscon is named after the capital of Arizona, a sense of familiarity was helped to promote its release into the American market.

Presently, the ix35 has seen two generations of development; the second having begun in 2009 and continuing to the present date. As is characteristic of many crossover vehicles, there are several variants available. The differences are primarily to be found in its outward appearance, engine capacity and the inclusion of advanced features such as fog lights, deicers, climate control and heated leather seats (these options are available on the the SE and LX models).

During the second generation of manufacture, there were few changes made to the ix35. Also, it retained many important safety features. In turn, these amenities have allowed the vehicle to be continually rated as one of the safest crossovers in its class. Features such as curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes and a strong chassis are all benefits that are offered.

Thus, the ix35 represents one of the most popular crossover models in the market today. As its target demographic is considered to be nearly universal, it can be expected that this vehicle will soon be modified to represent a third generation.
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