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Jeep has a long history of producing large vehicles that are suitable for taking on rough terrain and can often be seen bouncing around farms in the heart of the countryside. However, the newly released Cherokee is Jeep’s bid to corner the luxury SUV market and they have risen to the task extremely well.

The fourth generation Cherokee boasts a number of cosmetic changes that prove that this vehicle is not just a tough customer but can also be a pretty face. Some of the most eye catching enhancements that have been made to the Cherokee include shiny metallic trim, new bumpers and LED headlights.

Jeep has also kitted out the inside of the Cherokee with plenty of modern gadgets for drivers to play with. The new electric seats ensure that drivers stay warm and toasty even in harsh weather conditions, while the Cherokee also features an impressive 825 watt Harman Kardon stereo and a top of the range set of speakers.

While the Cherokee has always been a very safe vehicle, Jeep has really excelled themselves with the latest model by including an excellent collision warning system. Other special safety features that motorists will find in the new Cherokee include crash mitigation, intelligent cruise control, autonomous braking and a special select terrain response system.

While the Cherokee still looks like it would be most at home in the countryside, the vehicle’s new facelift means that motorists will also feel proud taking it out for a spin in the town.
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