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The new Jeep Compass has shed its chintzy interior and homely styling and now boasts a much more rugged look. This mean machine loves being driven over rough terrain, while it also performs well in towns and cities.

This vehicle is famous for is practicality and is ideal for hard use while also being very affordable. This year’s model boasts boosted highway mileage of 30 mpg, which makes the Compass very economical despite its rather large size. The excellent suspension and large wheelbase of this vehicle also give it the smooth feeling of driving a small car.

The interior of the Jeep Compass is well laid out and features several innovative features such as outward facing tailgate speakers and a rechargeable flashlight. Gadget lovers are sure to have fun trying out the new special features of the Compass, which come as standard in all models.

Other pieces of kit that motorists will find in the new Compass include a range of power accessories, alloy wheels and top of the range fog lights. The universal remote is particularly handy, while the limited addition Compass model offers a media centre that comes complete with an impressive 30 gigabytes of storage.

The new Jeep Compass looks better than ever before and perfectly balances style wth practicality. The new look is sleeker and classier, which makes this a vehicle that motorists can really drive with pride. There is also plenty of room inside for the whole family, making this a great road trip vehicle.
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