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Essentially a more affordable version of the upmarket Range Rover, the Land Rover Discovery has been covering the car behind it in mud since 1989. Marketed towards people and families with an active lifestyle, the five- to seven-seater borrowed heavily from the Range Rover in terms of looks and components.

The first generation 'Disco' as it is affectionately known had an interior designed by Conran Design Group, so keen were Land Rover for their new flagship to be seen as a 'lifestyle accessory' that would tempt a large segment of the market away from the Japanese SUVs that were popular at the time. It clearly worked, because the millionth Disco was built in 2012.

Aside from the designer interiors and plethora of gadgets and driver-aids that are thrown at each successive model, the Discovery lives up to its billing as a Sports Utility Vehicle for active people. It performs well off the road as well as on, and frequently receives excellent reviews from industry experts. It's also a favourite on the BBCs car-based entertainment programme Top Gear, which is no mean feat.

With an eye on the future as well as an increasingly environment-conscious marketplace, Land Rover have reduced CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy in the latest edition. When viewed from the front, something about the grille makes the car appear to be smiling - heralding the more benevolent face of SUVs?
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