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Although the Mitsubishi 380 is no longer in production its roominess and reputation for on-road performance has many who are in the market for a used family car considering its numerous merits. A huge plus is that, due to the popularity it enjoyed in its heyday, there is no shortage of spare parts, or of people with the know-how to fit them. The car is stylish and comfortable and was adapted to Australian road conditions.

The Mitsubishi 380 is still an ideal vehicle for those long family road trips. This is a front-wheel-drive that handles well and has great road grip. It is also known for providing enough room in the back for passengers, especially kids, to stretch their legs when the road seems endless. The driver will enjoy the effortless feel of the 3.8-litre V6 engine with its great torque throughout the rev range and a five-speed manual or automatic transmission. If the Mitsubishi 380 Platinum Edition is being considered, then perks get even better.

Platinum coloured rear bumper inserts and radiator grilles match the badge that marked this model as a speciality in the range. As well as Bluetooth connectivity, it offered a powered sunroof, a rear spoiler and rear park assist, which will also tempt potential buyers.

It is always a good idea to get a professional to assess a vehicle before purchase, but once its body, chassis and braking system has been given the all clear it will serve the typical Australian motoring family really well.
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