Opel Vectra

Opel Vectra ads in Australia

The Vectra is a larger-sized family sedan that was produced, designed and distributed by the car manufacturer Opel. It was marketed into various different locations throughout the world and was adopted as a popular model by several auto makers. Both Chevrolet and Vauxhall sold the Vectra under the same name, as did Holden to the Australasian marketplace.

While there was only one generation of the Vectra produced, it nonetheless enjoyed a full twenty years of sales before finally being retired in 2008. The first models were mainly offered to the public as family cars that were generally hatchbacks. It was marketed rather conservatively; deemed to be appropriate for highway and city navigation as opposed to the speeds offered by a sports car. This attitude was reflected in the design of its engine, as top velocities were comparably less than other models that were marketed to a "younger" generation.

The second variant of the Vectra began to enter into the marketplace in 1995 and this was the main model that was known throughout Australia under the Holden brand name. This redesign slightly embraced a more "sporty" look; its exterior was seen to be notably more streamlined and the engine provided more horsepower than the initial model.

The final model was found in the marketplace between 2002 and 2008 and this model was said to be of a more "executive" design although its appeal to families remained considerable. Regardless of its increased functionality and modified physical body, Holden ceased production of the Vectra in 2008.