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Porsche is perhaps one of the most famous of all luxury automobiles. The name itself is associated with class, style, speed and sophistication. Indeed, the history of Porsche as an automobile manufacturer reflects this very same attribute. Tracing its roots back to the relative infancy of automotive engineering, Ferdinand Porsche was and is considered to be one of the greatest engineers of all time. In 1931, he created Porsche as a consultancy company as opposed to a firm strictly devoted to the manufacture of vehicles. While he was directly involved with Volkswagen production during the Second World War, he was also commissioned by the Nazis to aid in the production of tanks and other war machines (thus resulting in a postwar prison sentence that was only commuted when he perished while still serving time).

Still, the Porsche name lived on and when his son Ferry took over management in 1947, this brand quickly became known for both engineering precision and reliability. This heightened reputation within the industry allowed Porsche to expand even further; their 911 model being an example of what is considered by many to be the culmination of years of engineering experience.

In modern times, Porsche has gained a well-deserved reputation as being one of the most treasured and respected sports car designers in the world. As the company strives to offer a bespoke blend of luxury and performance, the name Porsche will continue to be synonymous with performance and German engineering. Understandably, Porsche vehicles also represent a substantial market share of sports luxury cars in the global marketplace.
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