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The Renault Megane GT-Line hatch and wagon make driving the rougher roads a relatively smooth experience. With built-in technology that gives drivers plenty of assistance in navigating those twists and turns, the range is finding an increasingly large following in Australia.

Visio software that, in effect, keeps a careful eye on the road ahead via windscreen-mounted cameras will adjust headlight beams for the benefit of oncoming traffic. It does the same when tail-lights are detected ahead. In the event that fatigue causes a lapse in driver concentration and the vehicle begins to drift across lanes, a warning chime will sound. The solid build of the Renault Megane offers good cabin protection in the event of a crash and passengers are further protected by six strategically placed airbags. With good steering and brakes, the measures were sufficient to earn a 5-star ANCAP rating.

Meganes are more likely to earn admiration for their handling than for engine performance. The dual-clutch auto seems a little reluctant out of the starting blocks and may sometimes need a little coaxing during shifts at speed. It is definitely not a high-performance vehicle, taking 10.3 seconds to reach that 0-100km/h mark. What is lost in the way of exhilaration will be more than made up for with a faultless performance when driving is more sedate.

Although most diesel engines produce quite a bit of clatter when cold, the Renault Megane’s 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre diesels are relatively quiet. Definitely one for the more laid back driver.
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