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The new fourth-generation Subaru Forester has been redesigned and offers a chunkier model that provides drivers with extra security on the road. Subaru have fitted the Forester with a new diesel engine, while the company’s dedication to four-wheel drive really shines through in this top of the range model.

Although the fourth-generation Forester looks similar to the previous Subaru Foresters at first glance, people who take this vehicle for a test drive will soon discover that it has plenty of surprises for them. Not only is the new car taller and wider than its predecessor, it is also significantly longer.

The Subaru Forester really comes into its own on rough terrain, while it also handles hills and sharp bends beautifully, despite its somewhat bulky appearance. The wheelbase of the new Subaru Forester has also been increased, while the base of the windscreen has been shifted forward. All of these new design features give the Subaru Forester a more practical cabin and provide both the driver and passengers with extra room inside.

While the Subaru Forester remains primarily a niche model, especially in the United Kingdom, it has a lot to offer enthusiasts. As its size suggests, the Subaru Forester is a very powerful machine that handles like a dream. The model adapts perfectly well to city driving, while it really comes into its own on the open road. Motorist are sure to enjoy driving this model through the countryside and numerous exciting daytrips are just waiting to be enjoyed by the whole family.
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