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The SX4 is a compact car that has been in continual production since 2006. It was originally seen as a joint venture between the Japanese automaker Suzuki and the Italian company Fiat. The SX4 is currently marketed to various locations across the globe although its two largest demographics are Europe and the United States (although marketing was cancelled in the autumn of 2013 here). This explains why it is known in Europe as the Fiat Sedici while it retains the SX4 title in both the United States and various parts of Asia. The SX4 offers drivers a relatively robust and powerful engine which enabled it to participate in the 2007 and 2008 World Rally championships.

This model is seen to reflect the concept of compact cars that has been embraced by Suzuki for some time (the Jimmy and the Vitara examples of this approach) and the SX4 displays the next generation of this idea. Due to its excellent handling capabilities and comparatively low price tag, the SX4 is one of the most popular compact cars that Suzuki currently offers.

There are currently two generations of the SX4 in existence; the second variant having been introduced in 2012. Some of the most notable features of the newer models include (but are not limited to) an expanded wheel base, more spacious interior dimensions and better handling in various weather conditions. This model is known as the SX4 S-Cross. However, it should be noted that as Suzuki has withdrawn from the western market in the latter half of 2013, this variant will most likely not be available in the United States or Canada.
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