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The Celica is considered to be one of the most well-known models of vehicles manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota. Production of this model first began in 1970 and continued to 2006 while used models are still sold across the globe. The name "Celica" was taken from the Latin root word meaning "heavenly". The Celica has always been known as being a moderately priced economy car intended for individuals and families living in suburban areas. While there have been various modifications to its design throughout the forty-six years it had been marketed, the most profound change occurred in 1985 when front-wheel drive was incorporated into its mechanics.

The seventh generation of the Celica lasted from 1999 until 2006. The main emphasis on this latest variant incorporated the idea to lighten the weight of the car whenever possible while simultaneously adding to its fuel efficiency (thus catering to a financially conservative audience). This economy of design allowed the Celica to enjoy moderately positive safety reviews although it was rarely rated in the top of its class.

While quite popular in the international markets, the Celica also boasted a reputation of being a formidable vehicle on the racing and rallying circuits. This fame was established as early as 1982 and continued well into the 1990s. The Celica has also featured prominently in stock car racing, thus lending to its presence in movies as a retooled car that displays modifications such as spoilers and nitrous oxide canisters. While not in production since 2006, the Celica is still a popular used car in various markets across the globe.
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