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Toyota has earned an excellent reputation over the years for releasing small cars that are extremely affordable while offering comfort and style. The new Echo perfectly fits into this class and boasts a distinctive shape that small car lovers are sure to find appealing.

Despite its small size, the Toyota Echo really packs a punch and delivers class leading acceleration, while the vehicle’s 1.5 litre engine offers variable valve timing and manages to crank out an impressive 108 horsepower.

People who step inside the Toyota Echo will soon discover that it offers plenty of interior storage space. The front interior volume of the new Echo is 49 cubic feet, while the Echo offers 39 cubic feet of space in the rear. The car also comes complete with a tall boot that allows motorists to pack up to 14 cubic feet of cargo.

The superior handling of the new Echo means that it really comes into its own when in city car parks where space is extremely tight. The Echo corners extremely well thanks to its ease of steering, while this model also comes complete with a number of safety features.

While the Echo offers all the style and charm of a small car, it also provides owners with the comfort and space that is usually reserved for much larger vehicles. The whole family will feel comfortable even on long journeys, while driving the Echo is so easy that even novice drivers are sure to feel secure behind the wheel.
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