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The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most iconic small cars on the global market and needs little introduction in terms of style. The modern Beetle has managed to remain true to its roots when it comes to style and motorists will receive a warm welcome from the vehicle’s sexy curved shell and large headlights.

However, the new Beetle has been given a real boost in terms of power and delivers surprisingly big torque from its small engine. The 2.0 turbo diesel engine is paired with a six speed manual that really comes into its own when taken out on the open road. The compact size of the Beetle also makes it the ideal city vehicle and drivers will be able to slip into even the tightest parking spaces with no trouble at all.

There is no getting away from it; the Volkswagen Beetle is a very cute car. This means that all members of the family are sure to love driving it through town and the Beetle handles like a dream. The excellent suspension ensures a smooth ride even over rough terrain, while steering has been improved to make it exceptionally easy.

While the compact size of this vehicle probably makes it impractical for large families, there is enough room in the back so that three children or two adults can sit comfortably. The seats in both the front and back are made from high quality material that provides comfort on even long journeys.
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