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The German car maker, Volkswagen, began manufacturing the Caddy in 1980 and it has been an essential part of their commercial vehicle offering ever since. The Caddy is primarily sold in the European market although it has made inroads elsewhere around the globe, too. The Caddy is classed as a light commercial vehicle and is usually sold with a two-seater cab at the front and a spacious storage compartment, to the rear.

Originally based on the popular Golf hatchback, the Caddy was also known as the Rabbit Pick Up in North America. Since the Caddy was launched into the European market in 1982, it has gone from strength to strength. European Caddys were built in Volkswagen’s plant in Bosnia until 1992. The current version of the van made its debut in 2003 when it was shown at the Amsterdam RAI Commercial Vehicle Show. The latest model of the Caddy was given a more aerodynamic design, with the angle of the windscreen being adjusted along with new headlights and a redesigned front grille.

The Caddy Life was launched at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show. This is a seven-seater version of the vehicle which is more focused on the passenger moving market. The Caddy Life is sold with twin sliding doors and a payload that can cope with a hefty 608 kilos. This version of the Caddy remains flexible with a choice of seating configurations. For example, the two rear bench seats can be removed which will mean the vehicle can transport 2,850 litres of cargo without fuss.
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