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The new Volkswagen Polo offers motorists excellent build quality and a spacious interior combined with excellent value for money. Volkswagen have focused their attention on fuel consumption with their latest Polo release and the vehicle boasts a 1.2 litre three cylinder diesel motor that delivers an impressive 5000rpm. The tank has a capacity of forty five litres and delivers plenty of miles to the gallon.

The Polo still manages to perform outstandingly and the gearshift quality of this torquey motor is extremely smooth. The vehicle’s 185 section tyres also provide plenty of grip, although the Polo is undoubtedly more comfortable in the town or city than out in the open countryside. The Polo’s electric steering is also extremely accurate, which makes this vehicle ideal for inexperienced drivers who want a stylish ride to hone their skills in.

The spacious interior of the Volkswagen Polo makes this a very versatile vehicle. While young drivers will want to take the Polo out on the open road to really see what it can do, there is also plenty of room for the whole family. Addition entertainment features inside also means that the whole family can enjoy daytrips together in comfort.

Volkswagen has a reputation for delivering vehicles that combine style with practicality, and the new Polo is certainly on a par with many of its sister models. This is the ideal vehicle for everyday use and all members of the family are sure to love driving the Volkswagen Polo around the town.
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