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The latest Volkswagen features Volkswagen’s top of the range BlueMotion Technology fuel saving options, which makes this one of the most economical large vehicles on the modern market. This special package includes a number of features such as low rolling resistance tyres, cruise control and a highly desirable energy recuperation system, which uses power normally wasted in braking and deceleration to charge the battery and turn the alternator.

This means that CO2 levels in the new Transporter are dramatically reduced to as low as 179g/km, while the weight of this previously bulky vehicle has also been reduced. People who are looking for a smooth and comfortable ride from their new vehicle will also be pleased to discover that the Transporter’s aerodynamics have been improved, which makes this the ideal vehicle for long journeys.

All the best features of previous Transporter models have been preserved in the latest release, and the 114 horsepower engine delivers plenty of torque even in low gears. This vehicle tackles hills and steep slopes beautifully, while it also proves to be up to the change when it comes to cornering.

The interior is kitted out with plenty of standard features such as cruise control, while the vehicle’s sound system is top of the range and supports Bluetooth for added entertainment on long road trips with the family. With comfortable seats and plenty of legroom in the front and back, the new Transporter is the perfect travel companion and is just waiting to be put through its paces.
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