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With its unique good looks and shapely body, the Ford Kuga is not only a model of sporty luxury it is also a supermodel when it comes to passenger safety. Perfect for the long distances often travelled on Australian roads, it combats the danger of fatigue and momentary loss of concentration with some marvellously intelligent technology.

Go into a corner too fast and stability and traction controls will help to correct the error, but things get even better. Coupled with the voice recognition system that allows drivers greater freedom, the Ford Kuga also incorporates a feature that, in the case of a crash, automatically dials 000 and uses GPS signals to give emergency services an exact location. Other safety features include 7 airbags giving the combined package the highest possible safety rating. The Kuga offers various options across an exciting range.

Six-speed manual or automatic gearboxes ably assist either turbo-petrol, or turbo-diesel engines. At the lower cost end the 2-wheel-drive Kuga packs a 1.6-litre petrol engine that produces 110kW of power and 240Nm of torque. Power rises to 134kW with the 4-wheel-drive, while the 2.0-litre turbo-diesel boasts figures of 120Kw and 340Nm of torque. To make those long trips more pleasurable, Ford has, again, come up with the goods.

Bluetooth mobile phone integration and a single CD audio system with USB and iPod compatibility provides ample access to on-road entertainment, or drivers can simply make a game of counting the many admiring glances that their drive will very definitely be attracting.
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