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This automotive powerhouse has been called the most important automotive corporation within the United States, and for good reason. The Ford Motor Company may very well be one of the most recognized brands on the planet; its iconic Ford emblem associated with the mass production of cars, lorries and vans for more than a century. Although many are aware that Ford is listed on the United States and European stock exchanges, some may not have known that in addition to manufacturing its own vehicles, Ford owns a small and yet sizable portion of both Aston Martin and Mazda.

The monumental rise of the Ford Motor Company it thought to have been a directly influence of its founder, Henry Ford. Soon after the company was incorporated in 1903, the assembly line approach to manufacturing was introduced. This method quickly transformed the automotive industry, as it allowed for the mass production of such well-known brands as the Model T (perhaps still the most famous vehicle in the world).

Ford remained strong during the Second World War and throughout the American boom years of the 1950s and 1960s. Not only does Ford currently manufacture on a truly global scale, a considerable portion of its business has now been reallocated to the production of energy-efficient vehicles. There is no doubt that Ford will continue to represent a massive share of the worldwide automotive industry.
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