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The Great Wall X240 is also known as the Great Wall Haval 5. This model has been produced in China since 2005 and is one of the latest versions of their compact sport utility vehicles. Notwithstanding its frontal design, the Great Wall X240 is virtually identical to its predecessor that was known as the Great Wall Haval 3. Some analysts consider this latest version to be indicative of China's will to begin exporting its cars to the western marketplace. This is particularly evident in the fact that the X240 has passed all of the necessary safety requirements that will allow it to be sold in Europe.

There are three different models currently available. These are known as the standard, the luxury and the premium option. As the name may hint, the luxury and premium designs incorporate various amenities such as power doors, defrosters, adjustable leather seats, a DVD player and a standard GPS navigation system. Other features such as heated seats are optional.

The X240 has already replaced the older Haval 3 models that were sold in Australia and there are substantial rumours that Great Wall is already in the latter stages of planning a market debut in the United States sometime during 2014 or 2015.

This move is interpreted as the will of Chinese exporters to offer an economical alternative to many of the domestically produced compact sport utility vehicles already present in the western markets. It will indeed be interesting to see what reception the X240 will receive should the marketing rumours indeed be proven true.
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