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The Dualis is a vehicle manufactured by Nissan that is known as a compact crossover utility vehicle (CCUV). This type of car is defined as having many of the qualities of a traditional sport utility vehicle (such as four-wheel drive, a larger body frame and ample interior room) while also allowing drivers to take advantage of a smaller overall physical footprint. Thus, compact crossover utility vehicles are seen to be more convenient for suburban travel than their larger counterparts.

The Dualis was first introduced to the public in 2007 and as of 2013, the second generation of this brand is being produced. An interesting fact regarding the Dualis is that it is marketed as different names in disparate markets. While known as the Dualis in Japan and Australia, this model is called the "Quashqai" in other parts of the world such including Iran, Iraq and Dubai. The reason for this name change is that marketers were worried that Quashqai sounded very similar to "cash cow" in Australia; hence the reason for the name change.

Due to the fact that both generations of the Dualis have proven themselves the be quite popular in foreign markets, manufacturing plants in the United Kingdom as well as in Russia are expected to continue production will into the future. As of 2013, the second generation now offers a more robust and fuel-efficient engine as well as a host of technological improvements such as external camera monitors which allow for an added measure of safety while driving and parking in urban areas.
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