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The Skyline is a compact car designed by the Japanese automaker Nissan. This model is actually one of the oldest models that is currently still in production; the first generation having been marketed to the public as far back as 1957. One of the aspects of the Skyline that has allowed it to remain so popular amongst owners is the fact that it is known as a "tuner car". In other words, the Skyline can be modified in a number of ways that will allow it to be ideal for racing and street modifications. This is also one of the reasons that it has been prominently featured in many racing games during the 21st century. Such a status has even allowed the Skyline to enter into the United States markets (although it is known as the Infinity G).

The modifications and upgrades that can be performed to the Skyline are indeed impressive. Some of the most common will include the addition of turbochargers, straight-six engines and characteristic exterior trim packages to help increase its handling at extremely high speeds. While considered to be a compact car, the Skyline is available as a sedan as well as a coupe. This has enabled the model to also be quite popular for executives as a means of transport.

As should be expected, the most recent models include all of the latest features that many other 21st century vehicles have adopted. These will include a stronger, lighter chassis, many computerised amenities, anti-lock brakes and a highly fuel-efficient engine.

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