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The Tiida is a type of compact car that is produced by the massive automaker Nissan. Due to the fact that it is marketed throughout various regions of the world, the Tilda is known by different names. It is branded the Nissan Versa in America and the Dodge Trazo in Latin America. Of particular relevance may be the word "Versa", for it was said to be coined from the combination of the terms "versatile" and "space". These are indeed two of the main selling points of the Tilda; a spacious interior without sacrificing the functionality that has come to define this line of compact cars.

Manufactured as both a hatchback and a saloon, the Tiida first entered the mainstream auto market in 2004. Due to the fact that very few modifications were needed, it was not until the first half of 2011 that slight changes were seen. These changes were both aesthetic and functional; some of the most noteworthy being a subtle redesign of some exterior features as well as several improvements to the existing power steering package.

The second generation is seen to be relatively larger than its diminutive counterpart; Nissan wishing to emphasise a roomy interior while still embracing the "compact" characteristics that had made the first generation popular. As is now a common trend within the automotive industry, fuel-efficient engines and hybrid derivatives are becoming more commonplace in the Tiida and related models. Due to the fact that this model is still rather young, it is expected that the Nissan Tiida will continue to be present on the automotive market into the foreseeable future
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