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The Nissan Micra was originally released in 1982 and is one of the most easily recognisable cars in the United Kingdom. The Micra has earned an excellent reputation over the years for being safe and reliable and this is the ideal car for families as well as people who are purchasing their very first vehicle.

The Micra is also very easy to drive, which makes it a real pleasure when out on the open road. This new fourth geneartion model has been given a facelift and now features an entirely new front that really boosts the car’s quality and appearance.

The new Micra is also well equipped to meet the demands of today’s market. Drivers will find a number of toys to play with such as an excellent sound system that connects to strategically placed speakers. The car’s navigation system is also top of the range and is ideal for people who want to take the Micra exploring.

Another huge selling point of the new Nissan Micra is that it is adequately spacious in both the front and back. The seats are large and comfortable, while plenty of leg and headroom is provided to make sure that the whole family is able to sit comfortably.

People who are already found of the Nissan Micra are sure to love the latest version. This is one vehicle that will become a member of the family rather than simply a car and will provide years of driving pleasure.
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