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The Nissan X-Trail has been manufactured since 2001 as a crossover sport utility vehicle (SUV). This vehicle was one of the first of its kind produced by Nissan during the first decade of the 21st century and its competitors included the likes of the Suzuki Grand Vitara, the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4. Although this crossover model proved to be quite popular in Europe and the United Kingdom, it was never marketed in the United States (presumably due to the high competition incurred from a burgeoning domestic SUV market).

Nonetheless, the X-Trail boasted several features that were considered to be quite attractive for its time and its vehicle class. These included an all-mode four-by-four transmission transfer case which allowed direct transferring between driver modes using only a switch on the dashboard. Additionally, the X-Trail was equipped standard with anti-lock brakes, driver and passenger airbags, power windows and power doors.

The second generation of the X-Trail was offered to the public in 2008 and it was seen to be slightly larger than the previous models. Reflecting the need to produce cleaner-burning engines, this generation was also slighty more fuel-efficient than its predecessor.

The newest generation has further refined its exterior contours while simultaneously improving on fuel efficiency. The only main feature that was retained is its 2.5 litre engine. However, the X-Trail is now also offered equipped with an engine that runs off of a hydrogen fuel cell, although it is said that these models are designed only for business use at the present time.

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