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The Excel was a popular car produced by Hyundai from 1984 until 1995. In different regions of the world, the Excel was sold under different model names such as the Pony, the Presto and the Prestis (the Mitsubishi version). An interesting fact to note is that the Excel was actually the first front-wheel drive vehicle produced by this company. Although the Excel spanned no less than nine years of continuous production, only two different generations were sold during this time. Known respectively as the X1 and the X2, such a lack of modifications hints that the Excel maintained a robust popularity during its entire run on the international markets.

The Excel was quite a versatile car; offered in both four-door as well as hatchback versions. Notwithstanding the greater traction that it offered due to its front-wheel drive, the Excel also provided passengers with a roomy interior and a choice of either manual or automatic transmissions. The Excel was the first Hyundai model to be marketed to the United States.

While sales of the X1 generation peaked quickly, it soon emerged that there were slight internal mechanical problems with the vehicle. Thus, the arrival of the X2 in 1990 ushered in an even larger interior as well as fuel injection and a four-speed automatic transmission. This facelift proved quite popular and the X2 remained unchanged from 1990 until 1995 when it was finally pulled from production. Even to this day, the Hyundai Excel is seen as one of the most recognisable cars that Hyundai has produced over the years.
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